When a waste collection point has many users their design can influence remarkably on
the total costs of the waste management, emissions to the environment and the safety of the waste collection point.

The largest volumes of waste should be collected with UPPO or UH containers. Less collected waste
needs a waste bin shelter with optimal number of compartments. The entity is made to suit the yard architecture.

A safe and effective waste bin shelter. LOKERIKKO SOLO is designed to suit well for the urban environment.

Toteutus Helsinki Laakso Lokerikko Solo jäteastiasuojilla

A safety and effective waste bin shelter for real estate properties

Hannoa Monikko jäteastiasuoja

an environmentally friendly and effective waste container

Hannoa Uppo jätesäiliö

The UH basic containers and deep containers are designed for the use of apartment houses and public buildings that produce a lot of waste.

Hannoa UH- pinta ja syväjätesäiliöt

LOKERIKKO is designed to suit well for the urban environment.

Hannoa Lokerikko jäteastiasuoja


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