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Usein kysyttyjä kysymyksiä

Are the Hannoa's products made in Finland?

Yes - Hannoa's products are designed and made completely in Finland. Hannoa's products are of top quality and they endure hard use for decades. We have experience of that!

Why UPPO emptying is so environmentally friendly?

You can fit much more waste in the UPPO waste bins and they do not need to be emptied so often. Emptying UPPO is very fast, therefore the environmental influences are very small. There is no separate waste bag used inside the UPPO waste which needs to be changed in other solutions. Emptying the UPPO waste bin is both environmentally friendly and economical!

Trash fires are very comon and the fires spreading from them are very dangerous. How can you promote the safety of the waste collection points?

The location of the waste collection points have an important meaning, insurance companies and authorities have good instructions for locating them. Hannoa is happy to guide you with the correct placing of the waste collection points. Fire safety can also be promoted with locking and fireproof material choices - call us and we will tell you more.