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Functional waste collection point

A waste collection point is not always functional although all waste would have its own place - many other factors influence on the functionality.


toimiva_jatepiste_etaisyydet.pngDISTANCES FROM OTHER BUILDINGS
Single, max. 600-litre waste bins: 4m
Single containers of over 600 l or a group of several containers: 6m
waste bin shelters and platforms: 8m


toimiva_jatepiste_nakyva.pngLOCATION ON THE SITE
Not to the darkest corner!
Visual connection also inside
Easy and effective to empty


toimiva_jatepiste_lukittava.pngLOCKABLE WASTE COLLECTION POINTS
A lockable waste collection point is fireproof and the lock decreases vandalism. Hannoa's waste collection points can be serialised according to your waste management company and your own home key.


The use of a functional waste collection point is safe both for the residents and the waste management professionals. Remember also Hannoa's fireproof solutions in material choices.


toimiva_jatepiste_ymparistoystavallinen.pngENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY
A functional waste collection point increases recycling and it is efficient to empty.